Drumheller travel agency brings awareness to Alberta's best kept secret


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Canadian Badlands uses big data to find their perfect sightseeing audience

The Challenge

Canadian Badlands, a travel agency located in the heart of Drumheller, Alberta, approached LoKnow looking to increase awareness of travel and tourism to southern Alberta’s rugged and breathtaking badlands region. With a well-established history and tourism industry, the challenge was understanding who Canadian Badlands’ existing customers were and using that data to determine what traits embodied their ideal customer in order to identify a new audience. By targeting various key events and high-traffic areas in the region, we could ultimately begin that process and discern who their ideal target market was and what kind of messaging to put forth.

The Approach

The key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the campaign were website traffic, impressions, and clicks. These were chosen as the best metrics to determine if the client’s goal of increased awareness was being met.

We used a combination of RainBarrel and Hyper, supplemented by Social and Search, to target the client’s distinct audiences and increase brand awareness. Firstly, in 2018 we conducted RainBarrel to gather device IDs from more than 80 key tourism destinations within the Canadian Badlands area.

Using this data, we generated another custom RainBarrel audience in 2019 with an additional profiling layer which allowed us to provide a higher degree of audience data purity in the client’s key tourism areas. Pulling stats such as age, gender, and household income, we were able to paint a picture of who the primary visitors were. Working with our partners at Nonfiction Studios, we used this detailed profiling data to design creative that promoted events and used messaging best suited to each tourism destination and audience.

Using our Hyper channel, we delivered targeted creative to specific audiences with messaging related to specific locations and experiences within the Badlands region. To optimize the campaign, we used storyboarding (serving different creatives to the same viewer that leads them towards a conversion) as well as A/B testing based on time of year, number of attendees, and demographics to help fine-tune our messaging.



The Conclusion

Using a blend of our unique services, we were able to provide Canadian Badlands with detailed profiling information on Badlands tourists and help them target these key audiences using relevant messaging through Hyper, Social, and Search. Along with an increase of 126% in web traffic, the campaign was a great success with significantly higher KPI results than the previous year. Canadian Badlands Tourism continues to use our RainBarrel profiling data in their campaigns, for their in-house efforts and those of their partner DMOs. Thanks to LoKnow and Canadian Badlands, Alberta’s best-kept secret is not so secret anymore.


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