Rover automates the creation and maintenance of your search campaigns by using Machine Learning to generate extensive keywords from your website. Rover then loads and manages your search campaign in real-time.



Optimize, optimize, optimize. Rover will intelligently scour your site to pinpoint those potential keywords, while automatically producing hundreds of keywords itself, long-tail search terms and short to ensure your search strategy is on point. Rover learns and evolves your site’s presence, so you don’t have to.


Machine Learning

We harness the power of machine learning to identify potential keywords on your website, put them into groups, and optimize performance. Over time as more and more data is collected Rover only gets more agile to serve you better!

Short & Long-Tail Keywords

Rover isn’t slowed down by time restraints or limitations like its counterpart human brain, which can take hours to come up with a few hundred keywords. Rover produces thousands of keywords in seconds. It is also great at coming up with long-tail keywords which are an often overlooked part of any search strategy due to the time commitment. Long-tail keywords are less competitive making them inexpensive without sacrificing performance.

Up-To-Date Keyword

Rover crawls your site pulling and categorizing keywords right from the pages. If you add a bunch of new content to your site Rover will find it and add the new keywords so potential customers find you first.