Hyper allows you to show ads directly to your ideal target market. This is achieved by geofencing specific real-world locations, as well as analyzing and creating audiences based on their interests and behaviours.


It’s all about location, location, location. Choose a location and we will draw a geofence around it and target the devices inside. When someone engages with their phone, tablet or computer, your ads will display on their screens.



Locations can be as small as an office, as large as a neighbourhood, or even an entire city. Hyper allows you to set parameters that can filter for exactly the type of customer you’re looking for. LoKnow uses this technology to build custom target audiences based on interests, behaviours, demographics, and affinities from first and third-party data sources. Ensuring we utilize a variety of audience types to best achieve your campaign goals.


Device IDs

Because we target device IDs, there is no expiration date for your ads since IDs last as long as the device does. Unlike cookies, device IDs do not expire. This means we can retarget someone who set foot in the targeted location a month, or even a year, later and show them a new ad.

Multiple Ad Exchanges

We use multiple ad exchanges to ensure your campaign has as much reach as possible. The real-time bidding process happens fast, clocking in at around 100 milliseconds, which is 4x faster than the blink of an eye.

Display Video Ads

We place ads through thousands of websites and apps so that impressions are based on how your audience interacts with the real world—where they shop, eat, drink, work and play.