Case Studies

Here are the stories of some of the clients we’ve worked with. We approach each campaign excited to use the best mix of our platforms to make it stand out from the crowd!

Landscaping Company Branches out from Trade Show to Hyper Technology

Isle Group of Companies | Comprehensive

A year’s worth of advertising was planned out, which is not the norm in this industry.

Credit Union Attracts New and Existing Members in Late-stage Campaign

Servus Credit Union | Hyper

They wanted to split the surrounding area into six zones to figure out which location had the best performing ads so they could get better engagement from devices in these zones.

Facing the Music: Radio Station Tries Out New Awareness Approach

102.7 THE PEAK Radio | ComprehensiveHyper

The goal was to capture brand-new listeners as THE PEAK had recently rebranded as a modern rock station.

Specialty Grocery Becomes More Than a Once-a-Month-Shop

Italian Centre Shop | Hyper

The Italian Centre needed help solving a persistent problem: shoppers considered them a specialty store to be shopped at once a month, rather than a weekly grocery store.

Filling Chairs (and Teeth) with Hyper-Targeted Advertising

Orchards Dental Clinic | Hyper

Orchards needed ads that would target prospective patients in nearby areas of Edmonton, rather than being placed haphazardly throughout the city.

Small Business Week has Big Ambitions

Calgary Chamber of Commerce | Harvest

They were keen to reimagine how their week-long event could be made even better and appeal to a broader demographic.

Edmonton Audi Dealership Jumps Ship on Adwords-Only Spend

Audi Southgate | Hyper

They were so impressed with the results, they ended the relationship with their former AdWords provider and jumped ship to us.

Device Capture Filters in Only Residents of Rural Alberta

Axia | HarvestHyper

We filtered out any devices that did not spend a substantial amount of time in these towns during the previous month.

Changing Demographics in Multi-Family Home Sales

Daytona Homes | Harvest

The interest from this younger demographic was quickly realized with two holds placed within one weekend of the switch.

Boston Pizza Targets Surrounding Area and Delivers Satisfaction

Boston Pizza | Hyper

We drew a geofence around the communities directly bordering Boston Pizza and delivered ads that would persuade customers to call the restaurant directly.