Case Studies

Here are the stories of some of the clients we’ve worked with. We approach each campaign excited to use the best mix of our platforms to make it stand out from the crowd!

Property Management Company Welcomes New Developments with Conversion Campaign

QuadReal | HyperRetrieverSearch

QuadReal wanted to automate their strategy to ensure up-to-date messaging was meeting the right people.

Calgary Pub Puts the Pedal to the Metal with Conversion Campaign

Pedal Pub | HyperSearchSocial

Hoping to spread the word about their services, Pedal Pub came to us with a challenge to increase their presence in a cost effective way.

Calgary Real Estate Company Signs New Lease on Inbound Leads

Avenue Living Communities | HyperSearchSocial

Looking to see more potential renters take their searches through to fruition, Avenue Living Communities tasked LoKnow to increase their online lead inquiries.

Calgary home and garden shop reaps robust awareness with RainBarrel

Golden Acre | HyperRainBarrelSearch

Golden Acre needed to raise brand awareness to those interested in home & gardening in order to boost both store and website traffic.

Dutch Love Finds Love with New Stores and New Fans

Dutch Love | Hyper

Dutch Love needed to find an innovative way to promote their stores while adhering to the strict promotion restrictions of the Cannabis Act.

Brandlive ignites their marketing strategy with Hyper

Brandlive | HyperSearchSocial

Not content to rest on their laurels, Brandlive sought a new, explosive strategy for their upcoming 2019 festival.

PWT finds interpreting the right data is the ticket to success

PWT | HyperRainBarrelSearchSocial

With the exit of a major competitor in mid-2018, PWT pounced on the opportunity to expand their transport services in Alberta and B.C.

Land Development Company Uses Hard Data to Welcome New Neighbours

Rohit | HyperSearchSocial

With many different types of potential sales, LoKnow needed to tailor the campaign approach to fit their multiple potential buyer personas.

Drumheller travel agency brings awareness to Alberta's best kept secret

Badlands | HyperRainBarrelSearchSocial

Using a blend of our unique services, we were able to provide Canadian Badlands with detailed profiling information on Badlands tourists

Papa Johns picks better ingredients for their digital campaign

Papa Johns Pizza | HyperRainBarrelSearchSocial

By incorporating data science to determine device IDs, competitor locations, and being able to cater to each franchisee individually, we were able to meet their goals

Dispensary rises above regulations and reaches the right audience

Kiaro | HyperRainBarrel

In Canada’s crowded cannabis market, how does a dispensary effectively create digital brand awareness and acquire loyal, recurring customers while differentiating themselves, selling the same products?

A Fresh Shave Reveals a Brand-New Audience

Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop | HyperRainBarrel

Father’s Day was the perfect excuse for national barbershop chain Tommy Gun’s to step up with a grand plan to give dads something they’d actually use and appreciate—a little bit of pampering.

Shifting From Print to Digital Helps University Program Reach Students

U of T MMPA | ComprehensiveHyper

MMPA wanted to take a different approach to student marketing: focus on digital targeting of each campus where they participate in career fairs.


Tourism Winnipeg | Hyper

Tourism Winnipeg likes to joke that the city doesn’t offer the sexy beach experience of typical spring break destinations, but that was no reason not to market…

Grocery Specialty Products Strike Gold with Video Ads

Co-op (Federated Cooperatives LTD) | HyperRainBarrel

Co-op food stores (Federated Co-operatives Limited) wanted to build an audience for their Gold label products among both their own customers and their competitors’.

Landscaping Company Branches out from Trade Show to Hyper Technology

Isle Group of Companies | Comprehensive

A year’s worth of advertising was planned out, which is not the norm in this industry.

Credit Union Attracts New and Existing Members in Late-stage Campaign

Servus Credit Union | Hyper

They wanted to split the surrounding area into six zones to figure out which location had the best performing ads so they could get better engagement from devices in these zones.

Facing the Music: Radio Station Tries Out New Awareness Approach

102.7 THE PEAK Radio | ComprehensiveHyper

The goal was to capture brand-new listeners as THE PEAK had recently rebranded as a modern rock station.

Specialty Grocery Becomes More Than a Once-a-Month-Shop

Italian Centre Shop | HyperRainBarrel

The Italian Centre needed help solving a persistent problem: shoppers considered them a specialty store to be shopped at once a month, rather than a weekly grocery store.

Filling Chairs (and Teeth) with Hyper-Targeted Advertising

Orchards Dental Clinic | Hyper

Orchards needed ads that would target prospective patients in nearby areas of Edmonton, rather than being placed haphazardly throughout the city.

Small Business Week has Big Ambitions

Calgary Chamber of Commerce | Hyper

They were keen to reimagine how their week-long event could be made even better and appeal to a broader demographic.

Edmonton Audi Dealership Jumps Ship on Adwords-Only Spend

Audi Southgate | Hyper

They were so impressed with the results, they ended the relationship with their former AdWords provider and jumped ship to us.

Device Capture Filters in Only Residents of Rural Alberta

Axia | HyperRainBarrel

We filtered out any devices that did not spend a substantial amount of time in these towns during the previous month.

Hyper Outshines Traditional Real-Estate Advertising

Colliers International | Hyper

Colliers International wanted to try new awareness methods, generate more inquiries on their online forms and become the innovator of the commercial real estate industry in Edmonton and the surrounding area.