Let Retriever keep your ads up to date by fetching the right data to advertise your inventory quickly and efficiently!



Retriever automatically gathers, updates, and generates dynamic online ads to reflect your website’s products and services. This platform seamlessly integrates with ad serving platforms to keep your ads precisely relevant and moves them quickly to market.


Up-To-Date Ads

Retriever crawls your website or connects directly to popular e-commerce software so your ads are always up to date. If your products go on sale, the prices on your ads change as well without having to lift a finger.

Eye-Catching Templates

Our templates have been tested all over the programmatic world so your ads look great no matter what you are promoting. Retriever knows your brand is in its hands and takes that job very seriously.

Platform Connections

No need to upload ads to Facebook or Google, the ads Retriever creates for you are automatically synced to Facebook, Google Ads, and through your Campaign Manager! Don’t use these platforms? No sweat, your ads can be exported which will automatically populate them to these platforms in a jiffy.