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Co-op food stores reach ideal audience with Made By Us campaign

The Challenge

Co-op food stores (Federated Co-operatives Limited) wanted to build an audience for their Gold label products among both their own customers and their competitors’. They had not had much luck influencing their competitors’ customers with previous digital and traditional media campaigns, so they came to us to try something different and to direct their digital and video ads towards reaching this audience.

These specialty products were featured in display ads and a video campaign called Made By Us. They are quality food items made by Canadian companies such as coffee from Richmond, BC’s Canterbury Roasters; almond toffee cookies from Winnipeg’s Gourmet Baked Goods; lake trout, northern pike and walleye caught and packaged by two First Nations co-operatives in northern Saskatchewan; filler-free pet food from Guelph’s Trouw Nutrition; potato chips from Hartland, NB’s Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company; sorbetto from Mario’s Gelati in Vancouver; jam from Saskatoon’s Riverbend Plantation; and Imagine interior and exterior paint from Bennett Tools in Concord, ON.

Federated Co-operatives Limited is a members-owned group of food stores, agro and home centres, petroleum and cardlock facilities, and gas bar, convenience store and car-wash complexes. FCL is headquartered in Saskatoon and operates about 250 locations across the western provinces. As a proud Canadian company, they’ve partnered with other Canadian companies who create specialty batches of their products to be sold under the Co-op Gold label.

The Approach

We run a campaign called Shift, Lift, Frequency that shifts customers away from competitor locations by collecting the device IDs that enter those locations. Our client’s display ads are then targeted towards these devices. Once the ads work their magic and new customers begin visiting our client’s location, we begin to lift them to higher-margin items by targeting specific ads at them—in this case, the Made By Us 30-second video ads. Co-op wanted to promote their Gold label products in part by using these ads since video is a medium that has been showing continued growth. The video ads were also shown to customers based on keyword matching, such as people browsing content related to baking, fishing and the communities those products are from. Facebook video ads targeted Co-op’s Facebook audience, lookalikes and competitors.

We gradually increased the frequency of the ads to the optimal point where Co-op stayed top-of-mind but didn’t become annoying. For those who were already Co-op customers, we started at step two (Lift) by showing them ads of the higher-margin Co-op Gold label products.

The Results

On average 90% of the Made By Us video was watched. The completion rate of the video was 80% on Hyper and 30% on Facebook. Website traffic increased as did engagement with the ads.



of the video was watched


The Conclusion

The campaign was a success! Co-op was very pleased with their first foray into the world of Hyper-targeted advertising and continue to work with us on campaigns.

“LoKnow’s technology helped to drive the digital portion of our Made By Us campaign to ad engagement levels I didn’t even think were possible, let alone attainable. We are thrilled with what LoKnow’s tech brought to this critical campaign.”

– Carey Tufts
Director, Marketing and Communications Strategy
Federated Co-operatives Limited


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