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PJ's forgoes traditional media to give their franchisees a boost

The Challenge

Papa Johns, an American made company brought their famous Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. franchises to Canada 20 years ago and have worked hard to continue their legacy here. The Papa Johns Western Canada branch approached LoKnow with a few primary goals in mind to assist with their growth. Using our digital advertising and tech, they wanted to ensure their franchisees across Western Canada were fairly represented and were able to see a return on their investments. Looking beyond their traditional media approach, they found that flyer drops, coupons, and mail-outs simply weren’t driving business to the right places anymore. Papa Johns was looking to encourage customers to shift to online ordering and keep their pizza fans flowing through their site and their doors for pick-up orders. 

We were up for the challenge! They were looking for a company to provide transparent, tangible reporting to better understand who their audiences were, what could be improved upon, and getting the right data on those customers who were interacting with their ads. 


The Approach 

To reach the goals put before us, we first introduced Papa Johns to a few of our proprietary technologies. We began by using RainBarrel, which collected device IDs that landed within PJs franchisee delivery radii and also focused on capturing their competitor locations to increase brand awareness and shift customer habits. Our client’s creative display ads and promotional deals were then targeted towards these devices. 

To ensure each store was fairly advertised, LoKnow set aside a dedicated budget for each franchisee. Our unique Hyper-technology allowed us to geo-target a radius around each store and delivery areas to capture devices with the qualities the client was looking for. With that data, we were able to better understand where our audiences were coming from and what food options were accessible to them. Once the ads targeted to these specific devices worked their magic, new customers began to visit Papa Johns online sites and locations. This allowed us to begin to lift the consumers to higher-margin items by targeting specific ads to them.

In November 2019, the client had requested to reduce their overall spend for the year. This had posed a unique challenge, as all platforms were converting very well after 10 months of learning and optimization. We shifted focus, by pooling the budgets, our campaign was able to optimize and serve ads to people most likely to convert across all geographic areas and focus on sales. With a bit of tweaking here and there, Social and Search became extremely successful as we optimized for purchases rather than new website traffic which had already been established. Using simple branded keywords and competitor focused keyword targeting, Papa Johns began to see the results they needed. Maintaining high brand awareness while strengthening their conversion rate; pizzas were flying through the oven!




The Conclusion

Papa Johns was very pleased with the results of the campaign and the transparency given throughout the process. They re-signed with us for another year of recurring campaigns on all platforms! By incorporating data science to determine device IDs, competitor locations, and being able to cater to each franchisee individually, we were able to meet their goals and continue to encourage the growth of Papa Johns Western Canada and shift their audience to the right places for Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa Johns.


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