Land Development Company Uses Hard Data to Welcome New Neighbours


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Arbours of Keswick builds high engagement to drive property sales

The Challenge

“Through a process of repositioning and relaunching the Arbours of Keswick brand, we connected with the team at LoKnow to help us find and grow our audience. We also re-evaluated our messaging and targeting strategies to be tailored to fit the community and better communicate why Arbours of Keswick is The Place to Live in Southwest Edmonton.” – Rohit Land Development

The up and coming neighbourhood Arbours of Keswick in SW Edmonton offered quick possession homes, new builds, and empty lots for sale. Previously Rohit Land Development felt they were lacking the right digital presence. With many different types of potential sales, LoKnow needed to tailor the campaign approach to fit their multiple potential buyer personas.

The Approach

In order to target multiple audiences, we used three strategies to reach the right audiences; Hyper, Social, and Search. Arbours of Keswick first needed to increase their brand awareness. By utilizing our Hyper technology, we geo-targeted particular postal codes near or around the new community while simultaneously targeting relevant points of interest such as recreation centres, grocery stores, and shopping centers. What we saw was that these points of interest were a bit too broad. While continuing to target the surrounding neighbourhoods we switched our approach and used a variety of data sources in order to reach people at multiple stages of their home purchasing journey. Each audience would then be targeted with a specific ad set that would properly suit them providing a much more customized approach. With specific creative provided to us by Rohit, we were able to revise the ad copy and focus on the diversity of our audience groups. For example, Arbours would soon be home to a K-9 school that would attract families with young children to the neighbourhood! To showcase this, the copy and imagery had to have a meaningful impact, “The place for family”. Using the data collected on our specific audiences, we began targeting those ads to families with children, and the same process was used for golfers, dog owners, auto enthusiasts, and outdoor sports fans. While geo-targeting increased Arbours of Keswicks brand awareness, the 3rd party data used was achieving the consumer’s consideration and by using website retargeting, it helped encourage the intent to buy. Search operated as our highest converting platform where we could reach those people who were actively searching for anything real estate related, home purchasing, specific neighbourhoods, and builders, which increased by 67%!



The Conclusion

The client was very pleased with the year-end results, seeing constant growth in overall traffic both online and in person. This has led to an extended relationship with Rohit for 2020 and we have now run campaigns for 5 of their beautiful communities and 2 additional projects! Our collaborative success across the campaigns came from the ability to adapt and make the right recommendations to a team that was willing to work alongside our strategies. By analyzing what worked and what didn’t, LoKnow was able to make the necessary changes to continuously improve the campaign performance. Alongside the Rohit Land Development Team, who re-developed their website, content, and with their ongoing support of our segmentation strategies, we were able to provide a customized approach to reach their audiences in more intelligent ways. We are truly looking forward to the new developments for 2020!



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