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QuadReal lays the groundwork for website leads with Retriever

The Challenge

QuadReal Properties, a real estate investment and development company, handles a large portfolio of residential properties across Canada. Due to the diversity of their portfolio and the nature of the industry, their inventory changes rapidly — aspects like prices, availability, and property specifications are continuously adjusting. Lacking the considerable resources needed to create and maintain artwork for each of their available property units, they had to keep their ads generic and market to a broader audience. QuadReal needed a way to automate their complex creative strategy; to ensure relevant messaging with up-to-date pricing and property information was delivered to the right audience. They came to LoKnow for a solution that could keep their strategy agile while increasing incoming leads and prospects, and reducing their cost per acquisition.



The Strategy

Upon launch in September, the campaign kicked off using Hyper Display to create and target custom audiences, using Search to capture active home-hunters, and using Retriever to automate ad creation. QuadReal was looking to increase their presence in Canada, so we focused geo-targeting to several cities from the west coast to areas in Ontario. With affinity targeting, we created a custom audience based on online behaviours, purchases, and interests. Additionally, we added individuals who were displaying intent by actively searching for new homes, rentals, or properties, and to expand our reach, we redirected our messaging to website Look-alike audiences.

Using Search enabled us to take advantage of the awareness generated by Hyper and Retriever  in order to reach audiences actively searching for rental properties in each location. Through our city-level targeting, we were able to determine where users were settling in their purchase journey and what they would need to achieve a conversion.

With the addition of Retriever into the mix the following March, we needed to fine-tune our original strategy. As a machine learning solution, Retriever’s main job was to automatically generate Hyper creatives based on the inventory available on QuadReal’s website. Retriever did the work of updating the location, price, square footage, amenities and messaging, and showed specific ads to audiences looking for certain elements. Introducing Retriever ultimately saved time and money, helping us to triple the number of conversions we saw overall, with a reduced CPA. We eventually saw a positive ripple-effect after adding Retriever, which helped open the door for our other channels as well. Hyper was fundamental in bringing in warm leads, and helped generate direct traffic to QuadReal’s website. With Search, we saw a 58% increase in Search ad clicks, achieving the highest number of full conversions. By August, LoKnow Search had ranked as number three as a top source of web traffic to QuadReal’s site.



The Conclusion

QuadReal was extremely impressed with the positive results the campaign garnered. LoKnow was instrumental in helping them increase and fortify their reach in the Canadian market. As we continue our work with QuadReal in the future, we look forward to bolstering wider awareness and helping them see even greater successes with their residential rental portfolio.


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