Harvest captures devices within a geofenced area so you can learn more about your customers and create custom audiences.


Harvest is all about not engaging. You heard us. We use deep data to find the customers you’re looking for. They don’t even need to be looking at their screens because the apps running on the phone pingback location information.

Harvest is interested in living, working and shopping. You might want to target your competitor’s location, a certain neighbourhood or even the customers in your own shop. We will draw a geofence wherever you want and capture the device IDs of those who enter it.


Software Development Kit

As Harvest is about deep data, we use a mix of sources, including Software Development Kit, to collect data apps. We work with thousands of apps including the top 10 most used apps in Canada.


As a third-party data source, we buy anonymous information from secondary data sources like ad exchanges. We never see any personal, identifying information and, in fact, we follow the European online privacy standards which are even more stringent than what Canada and the US follow.

Capturing Key Info

We don’t need an individual to engage with their device for the ID to be captured. Apps running in the background pick up location information and sell us the device ID, latitude and longitude, and time of day. We can use that information to create better data to understand customers’ needs and wants.